Update 2-22-2017:

To clarify from a post going around, SoCal Furs will not be having a FurBQ until the Fall.  We have been working on restoring the site, and posting a FurBQ post that would have contained info about our fall reservations with the regional park. However, we have been notified that a Facebook page is still acting as us (using our name and artwork), and has placed information up regarding a bar-b-que/picnic event for this spring.

 While SoCal Furs encourages other picnic and regional park events (example: San Diego Furries hosting LMFAO ), we ask that other groups in our region use a different name to avoid confusion regarding who the organizers and staff is of our respective events.

Thank you very much and we will see you in fall! :)

Unfortunately, we experienced a problem with our database. We did try to restore from earlier backups but we could not restore successfully. We thank our hosts for their assistance with looking into the problem as well.  

The good

Luckily, Kat has all of the files, but there will be a manual process to bring SoCalFurs.com back up to snuff.  Please bear with us.  For those seeking events, you can always look at these Meetups as we will be updating there in the meantime:

SoCalFurs Calendar (Meetup.com)

For the San Diego Meets, please view their meetup here.

Links to Our Other Areas Online: