About SoCal Furs

Established in 2001, our main website was home to information for members of our Yahoo Group mailing list.  With the passing of this site to Stego, it has been made over since then with the addition of a helpful calendar for local events and happenings here around Southern California.

SoCalFurs.com considers the area of “Southern California” to cover about the lower 3rd of California (From San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas in the north, to San Diego and Imperial counties to the south). Even the east most part of SoCal (Riverside and San Bernardino Countiies) are not safe from the furry fun, and we welcome all who can show up. We have members on the list that are from all over the USA, and even some in Europe and Australia.

Base map for the SoCal Furs Regional Contact Map for use in the About Page

Here is the area that SoCal Furs covers. An updated map of sub-region contacts is coming soon…

If you find yourself moving to the area soon, and want to reconnect than please join us on social media.