Changing Clocks and Gears (Community Feedback)

Can it finally be “Spring” yet? While recent SoCal weather has yet to decide, we look at March as when things start to happen.  Well, we can only speak for ourselves when we say that.  Really, for the Southern California area, this is a year round thing. 😉

Looking on recent weeks, I can say that events are picking up again.  From photoshoot meets in Ventura and Santa Barbara, pockets of small monthly meets, to casual park meets in Pasadena and Orange County … the mix of event types has been nice. Admittedly, we did post some meets that …well… we arent sure how they went. We try and keep in contact with organizers, especially for the new events, but sometimes we get no answer.  No matter how you communicate best, our contact form is always open.

Special thanks to Anpu42 who helps keep cooking and assists in finding more great events to add all around.  Special thanks to Axel and Leo Tsubasa for helping with upkeep on our Facebook Page.

While SoCal Furs continues to be a side thing for our admins, there is still much that we think this site can do for our community. We have enjoyed the interactive nature of most furries in SoCal.  That is partly why there is a list (albeit not completed) of things we would like add on.

  1. More Photo Posting – While many of our members have websites and photos of our own, SoCal Furs was always designed as a space for people to post random photos from meets that they attended or organized.   This area of our website (and crossposting to our Network) can use some additions, and at a faster rate.
  2. Artist Connection/Directory This is probably the thing I have been wistfully discussing most often.  Just like is intended to be a central place for all content (since social sites under our Network are always subject to change), we would like to extend that centralization to the creatives’ portion of fandom. This is gonna be a project in itself and so I am rolling around many concepts an aspects for the needs it could fulfill.
  3. Increasing our Telegram Chat and its use.  As the circle of light gets larger, so does the shadow around it.  Im thankful for my other moderator but the lack of more moderation help is what makes our chat one of those “message us for the link” scenarios.
  4. New Artwork and Graphics. We havent had any new art of our mascots, or anything we can use for some future flyers, banners.  Id like to make a new theme for eventually and some awesome graphics and event photos would be ideal. The FurBQ is also coming up and, once we have things more planned, this effort would extend to doing something special (I got ideas!).

However, growth is one of those things that only sometimes comes easy.  Between just Stego and I, that is pretty much what comprises our “staff”. So, alot of the things listed above are things I can only brainstorm and talk about.  To actually do it, its kind of something Id like to bring people together on.

Would this be something Southern California furries would be interested in? Id love to hear from other people, get discussion going outside of my own head (and copious amounts of Post-Its) 😉

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