Furry Gathering Pike Outlets

September 15, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Pike Outlet Mall
95 S Pine Ave
Long Beach, CA 90802
Admission is Free but you will need to purchase food and tickets for the rides

We’ll meet at the Starbucks at 10am located within the mall area, next to Hot Topic. And after a bit we can wander the mall if you’d like.

The mall is fursuit friendly. I’ve been there several times suited up. I’ve been into Starbucks and the baristas love my fursuit. Same thing with Hot Topic.  Still just be careful when going into stores if you haven’t been to Long Beach pike before. They have several stores to choose from. There is even an ice cream parlor!

Nighttime shot of Pike Place, with the amusement area in front. Photo by David Zanzinger

Photo Credit: David Zanzinger

In the amusement area, they have a Ferris wheel and a carousel. This part opens at 3pm, and the rides cost anywhere from $3 to $5, if anyone wants to go for it. Lots of kids are there and
they love pictures. Some parents asked if I do parties and I said yes. Some parents may ask you that.

There’s also kiosks set up and a train that goes around the mall area I believe it’s $3 per person. There’s also a bungee cord bouncer (not sure if it’s still set up) down across the street from the mall, along with Aquarium of the Pacific. I like to wander down there as well.

Any questions contact me

10 thoughts on “Furry Gathering Pike Outlets

    1. AvatarKat the Leopardess Post author

      From what I understand, yes. Pike Place is a public area/outlet mall so anyone is welcome to join. However, I would like to suggest that you email Cyan, the organizer. She would love to know that people are wanting to come. 🙂

    1. AvatarKat the Leopardess Post author

      Well, contacting her to let her know that you are coming is helpful. This is the first meet that she has created.

      However, you dont HAVE to RSVP.

  1. AvatarRinRin Blissgreen

    Hey there everyone. It’s me RinRin Blissgreen once again that you might as well remember from the FurBQ last year. I did try to reach out to Cyan yesterday and it appears that she may be busy with stuff or a bit slow to respond. You might hear from her later this afternoon, tonight or tomorrow first thing in the morning if your all up early enough before her meet starts as you gotta be patient.

    Anyways this looks like a very interesting meet to go to as I LOVE downtown Long Beach with it also being close to where I live in Lakewood and the Gerald Desmond Bridge replacement project near the Port of Long Beach and the Long Beach Convention Center where I gave a recommendation for Califur staff to host Califur 2019 onwards over there in an ongoing search for a new home after what happened with the Fairplex and the overall state of the con.

    I’m also surprised that Long Beach is getting even more furry friendly by the day as when I debut my 2.0 partial for RinRin from TunnySaysIDK (will be started in January next year after waiting a year now from Tunny’s rather long backlog!) next year at around March or April when he’s done it’s gonna be AWESOME- even a trip down to Simone’s Donuts once down in suit to get some donuts will be pretty dang awesome (as donuts are his favorite junk food!) and not to forget Califur 2019, the Sunset Beach Bonfire and the FurBQ next year too!

    It’s truly going to be fun and I certainly hope this meet will be a good one and hopefully not be like a flop (as that sadly did happen with one of the meets in Seal Beach in summer 2016 that I went to where everyone showed up way early and left around noon)!

    1. AvatarKat the Leopardess Post author

      Thank you for checking in. We have gotten quite a few inquiries about this meet and I was wondering if emails were going through (for anyone who might have emailed her). Also had a few people asking if she was on Telegram or anything like that. Lots of furries like to set up Telegram chats for furmeets that they run, as it can be helpful for dealing with things on the DAY of the event.

      1. AvatarRinRin Blissgreen

        Hey thank you for asking Kat. I’m most likely sure but I might be wrong that Cyan doesn’t have a Telegram account. I do have one in case anyone is wondering as it’s @rinrin_blissgreen if anyone needs to speak with me about anything important or whatnot.

        I’m also not quite sure what her other contact info is as I don’t really know her myself as she only provided her email on here as that’s all we know about her right now. Hopefully someone will come back on here with a reply containing more of Cyan’s contact info just so you don’t get bugged with the same stuff constantly asking for more of her contact info.

          1. AvatarKat the Leopardess Post author

            Ah okay. Even if you did find her telegram username, I will not be approving your secondary comment. This is because I respect people’s privacy. I know people are thinking there SHOULD be a telergram chat for this meet, or that the organizer should be using Telegram period. However, its up to the individual organizer to share the contact info that THEY are comfortable sharing. Sorry about that.

  2. AvatarRinRin Blissgreen

    Oops sorry about that! I’ll be more careful next time Kat! I promise!

    As with that being said there is still no response from Cyan after checking for just about every hour of the day now. I’d hate to say that anyone who is still planning on going might have to wait till early tomorrow morning and if she doesn’t respond by then this meet could possibly end up being yet another flop as I’m hoping that isn’t going to happen.

    Although I might be speculating maybe she’s somewhat a bit shy and doesn’t want to talk a lot online and that she wants to see everyone there instead wether they come to her meet or not. Although in my opinion a not very ideal way to start off any meet (even for the first time) but I do think that’s what might be happing with her right now but I don’t really know for sure…

    If it does happen I’ll be SUPER EXCITED!!!


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