SoCal FurBQ 2018

November 10, 2018 @ 6:00 am – 6:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Irvine Regional Park
1 Irvine Park Rd
Orange, CA 92869
$5/car (no in-and-out privileges)
Kat and Stego

UPDATE: 11/9 10:10PM: Please note there may be a possible closure of Irvine Regional Park due to the high winds and Red Flag Warning. Unfortunately, we were not officially notified by the park about this even during a phone conversation with Irvine Park earlier today.  However, the website states that this closure is “until further notice” so we have to assume this may affect our event. 

We will continue to request an update so please keep checking our Twitter account to find out the latest information:

An informal gathering of furs for a day fun and food.  Starting from a small gathering, even then we felt the need to bring local friends together for a day away.  That community effort has continued, with this annual event for our community of furries and furry fans to enjoy a picnic and bbq.

Our event grows ever year, so we have moved to a group reserved area within Irvine Regional Park.  With a large section of picnic tables, we are set for any food brought to this potluck event.  No shortage of different kinds of food to enjoy.  The reserved area has a nice shaded, grassy area that leaves one plenty of room to run around, play sports, and frolic in fursuit.

Simplified Version of the Irvine Regional Park Map. A yellow dotted line marks directions to our Group Reserved Area

Directions to our New Group Area. You can also check out the park map.

How to Get to Our Picnic Area: When you come through the park gates, take a right. You will make your way through the park, past the railroad and OC Zoo  Keep going along the road until reach Lot 13 (to your left).  This looks to be the end, but it isn’t.  Make a right and then a left, passing some park access gates.  Parking Lot 14 is the closest to our reserved camping area, but you can also continue onto 15 for additional parking.  There should be some helpful signs set up along the way to help point you in the right direction.

We Invite You All

This is the 20th year we are throwing this event!!! We never seem to run out of variety because of our community of creatives and social animals.

Our potluck event has always been a lot of fun because of how much the community gets involved. From tasty food to sports/entertainment items, we appreciate contribution to this event. Here are some helpful tips and advice…

  • ICE ICE, BABY! Yes, we don’t need enough ice to build an igloo come morning but we sure need to have ice supplied throughout the day. So, if you are coming to the FurBQ later on, it won’t hurt to grab a bag of ice on the way in. The more this small act happens, the more we can guarantee that food and beverages will remain cold.
  • We never seem to have problems with variety and many of us are pro-active and bthat they want to see out of this event. If you want to wait until just before you get there to pick up food, the nearest supermarket is the Albertsons on Chapman & Jamboree.
  • If you are bringing meat for the grill, please notify our grill staff. Our grills (and grilling staff) will be on both sides of you as you come up the ramp.  Meat products will be stored together in separate coolers. If you have brought your own cooler for storing meat, than please make sure you keep it close to your picnic area, and have it placed in the shade.
  • In addition to the grills SoCalFurs staff are using, there are 2 other sets of “free” grills. These grills are free to use, but please observe all grill labels.  These are to help establish a grill just for fish, just for meat, and just for veggies. Staff institutes such consideration for our own grill area, and we advise the same.  There is a spout nearby to get water. Please keep in mind that you will be responsible for the safety of yourself and others, and are required to clean up after yourself.
  • Mayonnaise must be in single-serving packets. Due to prior incidents involving improperly stored mayo making people stick, please do not bring jars of mayo.  Mayo in a jar tends to go bad very quickly (cooler or not) while it sits out in the open.
  • For the safety of those with allergies, Please: NO FISH PRODUCTS OR PRODUCTS WITH PEANUTS! FurBQ staff wants to keep these kinds of things separate. We will not allow any fish products to be placed on the SoCalFurBQ grills. Peanut products should not be grilled… period.
  • The FurBQ will pick up after itself for this large event.  Our event ends at park close (6pm), which is due to park’s schedule during the late fall and winter monthsTrash bags and tall containers to scatter around the grounds are essential for keeping our trash under control.  We know many people may have time constraints, but we ask as many people to stay back and help the cleanup process be more efficient.
  • We know that many of you like to use drones for our big fursuit group shot and to get photos not possible from the ground. We have looked into local laws. As of now, we see no specific rule barring drones in the city of Orange or within Irvine Regional Park.  However, we ask all of those operating a drone to do so responsibly. We also suggest consulting the B4UFLY app from the FAA which will give real-time updates on restrictions in the Irvine Park area.

Irvine Regional Park has a number of activities within.  This includes a lake with paddle boats, the Irvine Park Railroad, the OC Zoo ($2/person) and even some hiking trails near to our picnic area. For additional info specific to Irvine Regional Park, feel free to view the park brochure. By phone, Irvine Regional Park can be reached at (714) 973-6835 or (714) 973-3173

IRP Group Area 3

View of our space from the meadow

Please be on your best behavior and follow all posted signs. With FurBQ being hosted in a paid/reserved area, we are now obligated to formally list rules, in addition to our informal set of rules and guidelines.

  • There is NO in-and-out privileges when parking inside Irvine Regional Park: Please arrange with friends to bring in additional items if you find you need something, or consider riding a bike to the store.
  • All parked vehicles must be completely inside a designated parking space: If you need to temporarily double-park to unload, please leave someone with the vehicle.  For those who find a parking spot next to the wall, please observe the white marked lines on the ground and park fully within the designated spaces.  We cant have people parking outside of that because it can be a blockage for fire and safety, and it upsets the park rangers.
  • While our event is held in a reserved area, the parking lot is for everyone.  We encourage our attendees to carpool, when possible.
  • There is absolutely no vending at the SoCalFurBQ, per park rules and permit policies. If money is changing hands, this is considered vending. Goods and services (such as ready-made badges and art commissions) cannot be sold on the premises.
  • Be sure to keep all private coolers out of the cooking area. Coolers of any kind in the cooking area will be appropriated for communal food storage. Please look after your private cooler and keep it in the shade to get the most out of your ice.
  • As large as a group as we are, we would like to make sure that the MOOP (Matter Out Of Place, aka TRASH) is properly collected and disposed of, which will keep the park officials happy with us.
  • Large sound systems are NOT allowed at Irvine Regional Park.  This includes megaphones, car audio systems and items with large speakers.  We love music and do not mind someone bringing a personal radio, but please be considerate to other groups around us.
  • Tents and hammocks are prohibited in Irvine Regional Park.  While fursuiting is encouraged at our event, we did have to talk to the park about shade structures and portable pavilions (also called “Easy Up”s).  They do allow us to place such structures on our reserved area, providing that one wall (“door”) is left open in the times that no one is changing clothing. We hope that such a portable pavilion can be created for this year’s event.
  • All Four-legged attendees must be on a leash. As per park rules, you must clean up after them (no landmines should be left in the grassy areas). Additionally, please be responsible for your dog’s behavior when interacting with other attendees and dogs.

8 thoughts on “SoCal FurBQ 2018

  1. AvatarRodbin Barrientos

    Hello! My friend and I were wondering if this event is open to thr public as we would like to go as this would be our first fursuit meet up. We don’t have any fursiuts, but it would be nice to meet some furries in our area. I’m also considering bringing card games for people to play! The reason as to why I’m asking is because it says that you rented a space, so I don’t know jf the public, like my friend and I, are allowed to go. Thanks for reading this and answering my question!

    1. AvatarKat the Leopardess Post author

      Thanks for commenting here. SoCal FurBQ does take place in a public regional park so we are definitely open to anyone who wants to come by. Note that, despite the public nature of this meet, we are using a paid reserved area due to the amount of furs we have (Back in the day, when we were under 100 people, we could fit in the general non-reserved picnic areas without any issues from the park). Feel free to look at the map on this calendar entry and you will be able to see where our group reserved area exists (its kind of in the “back” of the park).

      So, by all means, come by and join furries from all over Southern California for a day at the park!!

  2. AvatarXachMustel

    Hi, I know that there’s a strict “no peanuts” policy for this meet but is it okay if I could bring a pecan pie or two to the meet? They’ll be in season by November and I’d love to bring a couple. Also, what time is the fursuit group photo?

    1. AvatarKat the Leopardess Post author

      I would say a pecan pie is okay to bring, as long as you label each pie container with a notice that lets people know that the pie contains pecan pie. Im sure that the pie may already be labeled but the extra label helps make sure people read it. Most people with nut allergies are extra cautious and will read, but the bigger label will help.

  3. AvatarMaki

    Will there be lactose-free food at this event? My mom is lactose intolerant and we’re deciding whether to bring our own food or just bring ice.

    1. AvatarKat the Leopardess Post author

      There could very well be lactose free food at the event. In fact, most of the time people dont bring milk products due to the fact that the sunny weather could make them go bad in a cooler. However people do often bring cupcakes and, since they usually come from the standard food places, I would say its better to be safe than sorry. If you approach the picnic, and are in any doubt about whether a product has lactose or not, I wouldnt fault you for avoiding it.

  4. AvatarCasper

    hi, just checked the site for irvine regional park and it says the park will be closed because of wind u til further notice. is the furbeque still happening? 🙁

    1. AvatarKat the Leopardess Post author

      Yeah. Unfortunately the park never called us about this. We are checking with the park now, but it is afterhours. Chances are, we will have to wait til tomorrow morning from an update while we contact their alternate all-hours dispatch. Please check our Twitter acct to keep up to date.


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