Sunday LMFAO (August)

August 6, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 6:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Admiral Baker Recreation Area
2510 Admiral Baker Road
This event is free to attend but please consider bringing something to share. This is a potluck event.
Chance the Dragon



Hi guys! We had to push the meet back to Sunday, because we weren’t able to make the reservation in time before Saturday filled up and was blocked out. Still, we managed to do it for Sunday, so thank you to all who donated to make this meet happen for August!

Also, thanks to Admiral Baker’s summer hours, we can stay as late as 6:30 PM if we feel like it!

A word on donations, though: Without your guys’s continued donations, we will not be able to afford to continue having events at nice locations like Admiral Baker. Our group has grown to such a size that any place we go, we would NEED to make a reservation for, because it’s extremely unlikely we can find a place that will let us meet there for free. Even Lake Murray was being extremely generous by allowing us to congregate there without asking for a permit until we were at more than double the number of attendees, and they only did so because if they didn’t, their jobs would be at risk. (And in order to get a permit at Lake Murray, we’d need $110, plus 3 porta potties, and no one could park on site. That’s why we left.) But if everyone who attended the meets pitched in $5 a month, we could afford to make the meets much better than they are, and make reservations months in advance! That having been said though, only donate if you comfortably can; we understand that money is tight, and we will never, NEVER charge for any SDF event. So if you can, please pitch in here, we’d be deeply grateful!

We cannot accept cash donations, sorry!

Here are the GPS coordinates for where we plan to meet:

32.795133, -117.102322

Park Map:

Directions: Once you get to the big gray sign that says “Admiral Baker Recreation Area”, turn right BEFORE it, keep going past the red brick building on the right, then TURN LEFT on the road between the big parking lots. Follow that road until you get to another big parking lot, then I recommend parking as close to the playground as you can, since our reserved spot is just past it. If you have any questions, punch in the above GPS coordinates into your maps app to see the exact spot where we’re meeting up at, and use the Satellite view to spot landmarks.

The place has tons of space and amenities, including:

  • A HUGE picnic area with tons of tables and shade
  • A big grill for our reserved picnic area
  • A good-sized playground in front of our reserved picnic area
  • Two volleyball courts (one enclosed–dodgeball, anyone?)
  • Basketball courts
  • Baseball field
  • Horseshoes pit
  • Mini-golf course ($2 per person, or $50 for the whole group–as many clubs and golf balls as they’ve got on hand)
  • A big pool with a water slide, which I don’t think is open right now, but something to look into when it is!


  1. FURSUITS ARE ALLOWED! I cleared this with the park staff personally, Fenrir and Wingo witnessing. Also, the BANNER is 100% okay to use, it says so explicitly in the regulations, so we’ll be using that to mark our site.
  2. NO PETS! Absolutely no pets, any time! They are very serious about this! The only exception is SERVICE ANIMALS, who MUST have their vest on and medical paperwork with them!
  3. NO SMOKING, including VAPING, except in the parking lots
  4. NO DRONES or any kind of RC craft
  5. NO skateboards, scooters, bicycles, rollerblades, or any similar recreational transportation
  6. NO GOING SHIRTLESS! Shirts must be worn at all times, by everyone at the park
  7. NO canopies (EXCEPT FOR THE GRILL), tents, or folding chairs–these are unnecessary anyway, there’s tons of shade and seating
  8. DO NOT annoy any other park patrons! (Seriously, it says that in the regs, but it’s something to always keep in mind wherever we go)
  9. We MUST have all trash and belongings packed up and out of the picnic area BY 4:30 so they can come and inspect our area before they close at 4:45 The link to the park regulations document is below for those that want to read the rest of the rules (thankfully, no fine print here), but the ones above especially stood out to me. The rest deal with the basics of no alcohol (except beer, and none for minors), don’t cuss around kids, and basically saying “Don’t do anything you know is dangerous or illegal”.

Park Regulations:


We’d love to do this pot luck style, and if everyone could contribute something small for the group, that’d be great! ^_^

  • Things for the grill! Charcoal, lighter fluid, grill scrapers, anything you’ve got lying around at home that could help with the grill
  • FOOD for the grill! Hot dogs, burgers, buns, condiments, etc.
  • DRINKS – WATER, Sodas, Gatorade, iced tea, whatever you feel like bringing
  • SNACKS – Chips, cookies, etc.
  • SPORTS EQUIPMENT – We’ve got a lot of space to play, and options to choose! Volleyball, basketball, kickball, dodgeball, horseshoes, or any other kind of outdoor sports stuff!

CLEAN UP:  All trash and personal belongings MUST BE CLEARED OUT BY 6:00! There are a lot of trash cans in the area, and we’ll have some big trash bags by the grill. We need to have the place cleaned up by that time, so they can come by and inspect our area.

AFTER THE MEETUP: We’ll be heading to dinner someplace nearby; we’re open to suggestions, but we might do pho, ramen, or maybe just Parkway Plaza Mall’s food court? Tell us what you think!

Unfortunately, there will be NO Pair O’Dice after party due to the event being on Sunday. We have to get up fairly early on Monday, so we have to get to sleep at least by 1 AM, sorry guys 🙁

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