June 17, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – June 18, 2017 @ 1:30 am America/Los Angeles Timezone
Executive Suites
3428 Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90804
$7 cover charge after 8 p.m (when our event starts)... entering this venue prior to our event is free!

Poster for June 2017's TAIL! Event Friday

Tail! is So Cal’s permanent nightclub event. Similar to the trailblazing parties Frolic and Foxtrot), we want this to be an expressive, open event, (so yes you CAN bring your leather/ rubber/ kink get-ups in addition to your fursuits).  Southern California furries need an event like this!

We want this to be an expressive, open event, so yes you CAN bring your leather/ rubber/ kink get-ups in addition to your fursuits. Southern California furries need an event like this!

Fursuits – yes! Suiting is highly encouraged.

Karaoke! Dancing! Pool tables! LARGE changing area! Drink & socialize!

CLOTHING – Shirts and pants are optional! Underwear and swimsuits, etc are a yes, but they MUST cover your privates and pubes for sanitary reasons. Shoes (or feetpaws) are required. Remember  to have durable footwear for your costumes to avoid possible broken glass that may not be seen in time.

DRINKS – Obviously there is alcohol in addition to $2 Jello shots (served typically after 10:30 p.m.) but please note that water does cost a small price – $1 for a small and $2 for a large, and remember that you CANNOT bring any liquid with you into the building. There will be large straws for fursuiters supplied, though! Regardless of what you are drinking, please tip your bartender!  Bringing in outside liquids will get you and the bar in serious LEGAL trouble. One slip up and it’ll ruin the event permanently for everyone. 32 cams. We have people watching.

NEW: While the bar does sell bottled water, there is free water in the basement in cups ONLY if you have some type of mask (leather is o.k., etc) or fur on your body.

PARKING – FREE, the lot across street behind “Out Of The Closet” — this is a big event, so get here to grab a good space early!  There will always be street parking, too. There will always be street parking, too. We do not recommend parking at the nearby Animal Hospital. Cars found parked there overnight can and will be towed, so it is advised to park on Reservoir Drive instead. Its a bit of a walk but at least your car will still be there. 😉 Here is a useful map showing where where Reservoir drive is.

Please stay on this patio while attending Tail! There are no in/out privileges for this venue. Exiting of the patio area (onto the street) constitutes as “leaving the event”

More About This Bar:

Fursuiters and revelers alike standing on the stairs at Long Beach's Executive Suite

Group shot from a past Tail event

OWNER – Lenny Sinatra, an open-minded, friendly descendant of Frank Sinatra. Lenny is into real estate, which is why he took over the Executive Suite a few years ago. He LOVES furries and definitely appreciates our business. Let’s show him just how fun we are! This is a very unique bar, it has three levels as stated below.



  1. UPSTAIRS – A bar, dance floor, and tables! There is of course music to dance to and the air conditioning is very good for fursuiters!
  2. GROUND LEVEL / MIDDLE – Main bar, karaoke stage, pool table, regular tables, Megatouch. The karaoke machine has tens of thousands of songs, it is very likely what you want to sing will be in there! There are only snacks at the bars, you can bring your own food!
  3. DOWNSTAIRS – In the future this will be a lounge. For now, it is our changing area for suiters! There is also a bathroom to change but the area is WIDE open. Remember that go-go dancers and the Jello shot person come down here to change (and to respect them), but they have their own room. They are familiar with furries and may want pictures at your approval once you are in suit!
  4. OUTSIDE -You may smoke outside, there are tables, and usually tacos/ etc. made by a nice man and/ or lady!  There is also a Jack In The Box across the street if you are truly hungry. This may be a great place to grab a bite when you are ready to leave or when the event ends, so you can continue socializing. They are open until 3am on Saturdays.  If you do decide to do this, just remember that there are no in/out privileges, per the bar’s rules. 

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