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If you have an event or gathering to share with us, than you can submit it here.

  • This should be a public event.  Our website gets many visitors, so consider your crowd size. We encourage events hosted at a public venue.
  • Our calendar is meant to host events, run by people in the furry community. We cannot accept submissions by general (non-furry/fandom related) events.
  • We prefer events people can submit to us in advance (~1 week), so that we have the biggest chance to promote you within the SoCalFurs Network.

Event postings take 36-72 hours for them to be reviewed by our staff. Once approved, events will be listed on our calendar and through our various social sites.

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If there is any costs or food contributions for this event, you can give a heads-up to your guests here.

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Use of a Google Voice number is encouraged, for the sake of privacy

While we are a public site, we offer control for your level of reach. If you would rather we dont post to certain social sites, please let us know.