New Management and the return of FurBQ and Sunset Bonfire!

Kat and Stego have decided to pass the torch to your new SoCalFurs leader, Silverbeak, and with her team of admins we are working each day to bring you all up to date on local furmeets, local group chats, Etc.

While I don’t know how to run a website yet and have asked for help in posting this, the best way to get up to date information is on our telegram channels!

Our twitter accounts are also going to be actively updating with information regarding different local furry groups and upcoming meets.

Lastly, FurBQ and the Sunset Bonfire are returning this year! FurBQ Will be held at Irvine Regional Park in the Coyote Corner spot like previous years, on August 5th, you can find the chat here . Sunset Bonfire will be held August 12th! Sunset Bonfire’s location is reserved at Newland picnic area A in Huntington State Beach, the group chat link is

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