Prep-Prep-Prepping: We Have An Update

Labor Day has given way for rainstorms (yes… in August) and it has drawn us inside.  While we have been cooped up, we have begun the annual “crunch time for FurBQ”.  Stego and Kat have been looking over supplies, making lists and otherwise keeping track of all that awaits us in 3 weeks.  We got the reservation, and a budget for meat (and starter items for our early crowd), and we are almost ready to go

… however, we have decided to do some rearranging of our space within our rented group area (Group Area 3).  Please look at our updated calendar entry, which gives all information about our event and includes info about our FREE grilling areas for those that like to get proactive about cooking good food.

Regarding other events, we have been checking in with organizers and our September and October months have gotten some returning events, as well as some modifications. Please check out the calendar to see all the updates.

Making New Connections

If you havent yet connected, check out the SoCal Furs Network (as well as in our sidebar) to find the network that works best for you. One addition is that we now have a Facebook page. In working within our community, and with some patience for Facebook itself, we can now get the information flowing there. Its only a simple page right now, but we are using it as a way to gather Facebook event postings from things that appear on our calendar.

2 thoughts on “Prep-Prep-Prepping: We Have An Update

    1. Kat the Leopardess Post author

      Thanks for asking. While we know many people attend, we dont expect everyone to be able to contribute. You can bring anything you would like to share with others. Food, drink… and even bringing extra paper plates, utensils, or trashbags help more than one would think.

      We still have a Paypal set up for monetary contributions (goes towards the funding we put forth for our reservation). We have a button on the sidebar that would take you to Paypal’s site where you can enter in a donation of your choosing.

      Hope this information is helpful.


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