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Changing Clocks and Gears (Community Feedback)

Can it finally be “Spring” yet? While recent SoCal weather has yet to decide, we look at March as when things start to happen.  Well, we can only speak for ourselves when we say that.  Really, for the Southern California area, this is a year round thing. 😉

Looking on recent weeks, I can say that events are picking up again.  From photoshoot meets in Ventura and Santa Barbara, pockets of small monthly meets, to casual park meets in Pasadena and Orange County … the mix of event types has been nice. Admittedly, we did post some meets that …well… we arent sure how they went. We try and keep in contact with organizers, especially for the new events, but sometimes we get no answer.  No matter how you communicate best, our contact form is always open.

Special thanks to Anpu42 who helps keep Meetup.com cooking and assists in finding more great events to add all around.  Special thanks to Axel and Leo Tsubasa for helping with upkeep on our Facebook Page.

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Back from Califur 2016 (and new things happening)

In a swirl of suitcases and action packers, we return home just a bit more refreshed than when we left for Califur 2016. The convention was a combination of old ideas and a new setting to put it all in. Admittedly, we did not have a SIG/panel there at the con this year (first time in a long time) so we dont really have any current updates for you.

However, this doesnt stop us from wanting to ask the community (that went to Califur) for some help in providing our local convention some feedback. For those that attended the convention this past weekend, Califur staff has created this neat survey:


SoCalFurs is undergoing some changes of our own. Admin (and staff) changes have happened and we are working on dealing with the results of those changes. None of this really relates to the (rescheduled) 2016 FurBQ. That is still on for September 17th, and we will post more information as we get that taken care of.

For now, we look forward to stuff heating up for June and July, and hopefully that means more events for our calendar (but feel free to let us know of your event by submitting to our form.